Gathering of the Birds

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    This musical mystical composition is by a team of young and brilliant musicians who have worked ardently over the past five years to bring this piece to life.

    The International orchestra have been composed on the basis of world renown spiritual Persian poetry famously called "Conference of the Birds" in the 12 century.

    It is a highly metaphorical journey of self discovery as well as search for that Divine Perfection; a sophisticated Sufi mystical journey represented by the birds in search of their King.

    Each bird linked to a musical instrument represents a character that may hinder us to reach full self realisation. The flight of the birds symbolises the flight of the souls, catharsis, and fulfilment of one’s destiny. When only thirty birds reach the top of Mount Qaf (the twilight zone between mundane and spiritual worlds), they realise that the legendary Simorgh is nothing but...

    The music consists of a large number of musicians under the banner of Eurasia Symphony Orchestra with Persian, Chinese, Indian, and Arabian instruments and players conducted by the well known musician Farnoosh Behzad. The orchestra also includes a choir of 16 vocalists. It is also accompanied by two professional declaimers from the UK, two vocalists from Iran, animations, and video clips from the scenic areas of Iran.

    This concert’s beautiful venue with the church organ is very much appropriate for the contents of this event.